(This change is in v0.8.5+)

A visual filter editor has been added to make it easier to create, edit, enable, disable, and delete filters. In the log or text views, pressing TAB will open the filter editor panel. While the panel is in focus, the following hotkeys can be used:

  • i - Create an IN filter that will only show lines that match the given regular expression.
  • o - Create an OUT filter that will hide lines that match the given regular expression.
  • Space - Toggle the filter between being enabled and disabled.
  • Enter - Edit the selected filter.
  • Shift+D - Delete the filter.
  • t - Switch a filter from an IN to an OUT or vice-versa.
  • f - Globally enable or disable filtering.

When editing a filter, the main view will highlight lines that portion of the lines that match the given regular expression:

  • Lines that match an OUT filter are highlighted with red;
  • Lines that match an IN filter are highlighted with green.

You can also press TAB to complete words that are visible in the main view.