lnav v0.8.4 released!

The release on GitHub


  • Added the ':comment' command that can be used to attach a comment to a log line. The comment will be displayed below the line, like so: 2017-01-01T15:30:00 error: computer is on fire
    + This is where it all went wrong
    The ':clear-comment' command will remove the attached comment. Comments are searchable with the standard search mechanism and they are available in SQL through the "log_comment" column.
  • Added the ':tag', ':untag', and ':delete-tags' commands that can be used to attach/detach tags on the top log line and delete all instances of a tag. Tags are also searchable and are available in SQL as a JSON array in the "log_tags" column.
  • Pressing left-arrow while viewing log messages will reveal the source file name for each line and the unique parts of the source path. Pressing again will reveal the full path.
  • The file name section of the top status line will show only the unique parts of the log file path if there is not enough room to show the full path.
  • Added the ":hide-unmarked-lines" and ":show-unmarked-lines" commands that hide/show lines based on whether they are bookmarked.
  • Added the "json_contains()" SQL function to check if a JSON value contains a number of a string.
  • The relative time parser recognizes "next" at the beginning of the input, for example, "next hour" or "next day". Handy for use in the ":goto" command.
  • Added a "text-transform" option for formatting JSON log messages. The supported options are: none, uppercase, lowercase, and capitalize.
  • Added a special "level" field name for formatting JSON messages so that the lnav level name can be used instead of the internal value in the JSON object.
  • Added a log format for journald JSON logs.

Interface Changes:

  • When typing in a search, instead of moving the view to the first match that was found, the first ten matches will be displayed in the preview window.
  • The pretty-print view maintains highlighting from the log view.
  • The pretty-print view no longer tries to reverse lookup IP addresses.
  • The online help for commands and SQL functions now includes a 'See Also' section that lists related commands/functions.


  • The HOME key should now work in the command-prompt and move the cursor to the beginning of the line.
  • The :delete-filter command should now tab-complete existing filters.
  • Milliseconds can now be used in relative times (e.g. 10:00:00.123)
  • The J/K hotkeys were not marking lines correctly when the bottom of the view was reached.
  • The level field in JSON logs should now be recognized by the level patterns in the format.