lnav v0.8.3 released!

The release on GitHub


  • Support for the Bro Network Security Monitor (https://www.bro.org) log file format.
  • Added an fstat() table-valued function for querying the local filesystem.
  • Added readlink() and realpath() SQL functions.
  • Highlights specified in log formats can now specify the colors to use for the highlighted parts of the log message.
  • Added a ":quit" command.
  • Added a "/ui/default-colors" configuration option to specify that the terminal's default background and foreground colors should be used instead of black and white.

Interface Changes:

  • Pressing delete at a command-prompt will exit the prompt if there is no other input.


  • The help view now includes all the command-help that would pop up as you entered commands and SQL queries.
  • Hidden fields and lines hidden before/after times are now saved in the current session and restored.
  • Unicode characters should now be displayed correctly (make sure you have LANG set to a UTF-8 locale).