lnav v0.7.3 released!

This release of lnav has a few new features, like the pretty-print view, and fleshes out the list of commands.  Here is the full listing of what has changed:

     * Add 'pipe-to' and 'pipe-line-to' commands that pipe the currently
       marked lines or the current log message to a shell command,
     * Added a "pretty-print" view (P hotkey) that tries to reformat log
       messages so that they are easier to read.
     * Added a 'redraw' command (CTRL+L hotkey) to redraw the window in
       case it has been corrupted.
     * Added a 'relative-goto' command to move the current view relative
       to its current position.
     * Experimental support for linking with jemalloc.
     * The plain text view now supports filtering.
     * Added 'next-mark' and 'prev-mark' commands to jump to the next or
       previous bookmarked line (e.g. error, warning, ...)
     * Added a 'zoom-to' command to change the zoom level of the histogram
     * Log formats can now define their own timestamp formats with the
       'timestamp-format' field.

     * Autotools scripts overhaul.
     * Added a configure option to disable linking with libtinfo. The newer
       versions of ncurses don't require it, however the build silently pulls
       it in as a dependency, if it is available on the system. This can be
       explicitly disabled using the '--disable-tinfo' option during configure.
     * Fixed the configure script behavior to ignore the values specified using
       the CFLAGS and LDFLAGS environment variables while searching for sqlite3
       when '--with-sqlite3' switch was specified without the prefix.
     * The configure script now recognizes libeditline symlink'ed to masquerade
       as libreadline. This previously used to cause problems at compile time,
       specially on OS X. If you come across this error, use the
       '--with-readline=prefix' switch to specify the path to the correct
       location of libreadline.
     * The order that log formats are tried against a log file is now
       automatically determined so that more specific formats are tested
       before more general ones.  The order is determined on startup based on
       how each format matches each other formats sample lines.
     * Command files (i.e. those executed via the '-f' flag) now support
       commands/queries that span more than one line.
     * Added more log levels: stats, debug2 - debug5.

You can check out this release on GitHub to get more information and the links for downloads.