lnav v0.8.0 released!

This release of lnav adds quite a few new features and fixes some nagging bugs.


  • Integration with "papertrailapp.com" for querying and tailing server log and syslog messages. See the Papertrail section in the online help for more details.
  • Remote files can be opened when lnav is built with libcurl v7.23.0+
  • SQL queries can now be done on lines that match a regular expression using the "log_search" table or by creating custom tables with the ":create-search-table" command.
  • Log formats that are "containers" for other log formats, like syslog, are now supported. See the online help for more information.
  • Formats can be installed from git repositories using the '-i' option. A standard set of extra formats can be installed by doing 'lnav -i extra'. (You must have git installed for this to work.)
  • Added support for 'VMware vSphere Auto Deploy' log format.
  • Added a 'sudo' log format.
  • Added hotkeys to move left/right by a smaller increment (H/L or Shift+Left/Shift+Right).
  • A color-coded bar has been added to the left side to show where messages from one file stop and messages from another file start.
  • The '-C' option will now try to check any specified log files to make sure the format(s) match all of the lines.
  • Added an "all_logs" SQLite table that contains the message format extracted from each log line. Also added a ';.msgformat' SQL command that executes a query that returns the counts for each format and the first line where the format was seen.
  • Added an "lnav_views" SQLite table that can be used to query and change the lnav view state.
  • When typing in a command, the status bar will display a short summary of the currently entered command.
  • Added a "delete-filter" command.
  • Added a "log_msg_instance" column to the logline and log_search tables to make it easier to join tables that are matching log messages that are ordered.
  • Added a "timeslice()" function to SQLite so that it is easier to group log messages by time buckets.
  • The 'goto' command now supports relative time values like 'a minute ago', 'an hour later', and many more.

Interface Changes:

  • The 'r/R' hotkeys have been reassigned to navigate through the log messages by the relative time value that was last used with the 'goto' command.


  • The pretty-print view should now work for text files.
  • Nested fields in JSON logs are now supported for levels, bodies, etc...
  • Tab-completion should work for quoted SQL identifiers.
  • 'lo-fi' mode key shortcut changed to CTRL+L.
  • 'redraw' shortcut removed. Relegated to just a command.
  • Fixed lnav hang in pretty-print mode while doing a dns lookup.
  • The generic log message parser used to extract data has been optimized and should be a bit faster.