lnav v0.7.0 released!

The latest release of lnav is out and features quite a few improvements and bug fixes.  Here is a quick rundown of what is new:

  • Added a '.schema' SQL command to open a view that displays the schema for the internal tables and any attached databases. If lnav was only executed with a SQLite database and no text files, this view will open by default.
  • The scroll bar now indicates the location of errors/warnings, search hits, and bookmarks.
  • The xterm title is update to reflect the file name for the top line in the view.
  • Added a "headless" mode so that you can execute commands and run SQL queries from the command-line without having to do it from the curses UI.
  • When doing a search or SQL query, any text that is currently being displayed can be tab-completed.
  • The '-H' option was added so you can view the internal help text.
  • Added the 'g/G' hotkeys to move to the top/bottom of the file.
  • Added a 'log_mark' column to the log tables that indicates whether or not a log message is bookmarked. The field is writable, so you can bookmark lines using an SQL UPDATE query.
  • Added syntax-highlighting when editing SQL queries or search regexes.
  • Added a "write-json-to" command that writes the result of a SQL query to a JSON-formatted file.
  • The "elapsed time" column now uses red/green coloring to indicate sharp changes in the message rate.
  • Added a "set-min-log-level" command to filter out log messages that are below a given level.

You can check out this release on GitHub to get more information and links to the available downloads.