lnav v0.7.1 released!

After a long hiatus there's a new release of lnav with a few new features and bug fixes.  Here's what is new:

  • Added an 'environ' SQL table that reflects lnav's environment variables.  The table can be read and written to using SQL SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.  Setting variables can be a way to use SQL query results in lnav commands.

  • Added a 'jget' SQLite function that can extract fields from a JSON-encoded value.

  • Added log formats for the OpenAM identity provider.

  • Added a 'clear-highlight' command to clear previous calls to the 'highlight' command.

  • Fixed some performance bugs in indexing JSON log formats.  Loading times should be at least five times faster.

  • Filtering performance should be improved so that enabling/disabling filters should be almost instantaneous.

  • The filter-in, filter-out, and highlight commands now support tab-completion of text in the current view.

  • Added an '-i' flag that installs format files in: ~/.lnav/formats/installed

You can check out this release on GitHub to get more information and links to the available downloads.